High-quality NDS emulator for Android.

  • Version: r2.4.0.0a
  • Size: 17.61 MB
  • License: Demo
  • Language:
  • Package Name: org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu
  • Platform: Android
  • File Type: APK
  • Developer: Lordus
  • Category: Games/Emulators
  • Update: 2023-11-24

DraStic is an emulator for Android devices that allows you to run Nintendo DS (NDS) games. It is known for providing a high-quality emulation experience, recreating smooth graphics and clear audio, similar to the original console.

The app supports various control methods, including touch screen and physical gamepads, offering flexibility in gameplay. Furthermore, DraStic enables players to save and load their progress at any time, making it easier to resume games from where they left off.

Hardware acceleration is used to enhance graphical performance, and users can customize the resolution and other visual aspects. DraStic is compatible with a range of NDS games, although compatibility may vary depending on the device. It also offers additional features, such as the ability to enable cheats in games that support this function.

It's worth noting that to use DraStic, you need to own legal copies of Nintendo DS games, as the app does not include the games themselves. Additionally, game emulation may be subject to legal regulations, and it is essential to comply with all copyright and intellectual property laws when using the DraStic app.

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