Control another device remotely.


  • Technical Information
  • Version: 7.0.9
  • File size: 3.67 MB
  • License: Free
  • Language: English
  • OS: Windows
  • Developer: AnyDesk Software GmbH
  • Updated: 05/31/2022
  • Category: System/Remote Control
  • SHA-256: 1c2750df5154371962d6f4c323c656c46343e737e066bea939c4012c43de55a9

AnyDesk is a software that allows you to make remote connections with other devices connected to the internet.

This type of software is very useful because it makes it possible to carry out any type of procedure on the machine as if you were physically present. You can, for example, perform some kind of configuration on your client's machine, help a family member with a problem in the system, etc.

The software works on different operating systems, so it is possible, for example, to access an Android device through Windows or vice versa using the specific software for Android. In addition to Windows and Android, the software also has versions for Linux, Mac, iOS, FreeBSD, Chrome OS and Raspberry Pi.


  • TeamViewer
  • Efficient and extremely easy-to-use remote access software.
  • TeamViewer Portable
  • Efficient and extremely easy to use remote access software. No installation required.
  • UltraVNC
  • Control another computer remotely via internet or network.