Socks Proxy Scanner

Scanner for locating SOCKS proxy servers.

  • Version: 1.6.0
  • Size: 2.23 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Windows
  • File Type: ZIP
  • Developer: S.K. Software
  • Category: Internet/Utilidades e Ferramentas
  • Update: 2012-01-05

Socks Proxy Scanner

Socks Proxy Scanner is an application that allows you to find SOCKS proxy servers. It can scan over ten thousand IP addresses per second. It's actually a pretty fast scanner.

The program allows you to save the list in a text file.

This program does not work with direct PPP / PPTP / L2TP connections (Modem, ADSL, WiFi, VPN). You need to install the router and configure it for PPP/PPPoE/PPTP/L2TP connection, then connect the computer to the computer by network cable. If the program doesn't work or is slow, disable all firewalls, antivirus and ndis filters.

Socks Proxy Scanner


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