Lightweight and efficient DNS filter.

Windows | Freeware

Instagram 328.

Popular platform for sharing photos and videos.

Android | Freeware

WhatsApp GB Atualizado 20.93.35

WhatsApp Android MOD that adds several extra features.

Android | Freeware

YOWhatsApp (YoWA) Atualizado 20.93.35

Unofficial version of WhatsApp that offers additional features.

Android | Freeware

PingInfoView 3.05

Utility that allows you to monitor hosts through pre-defined pings.

Windows | Freeware

WordPress 6.5.2

Most used CMS in the world in its latest version.

| Freeware

Telegram 4.16.6

Telegram Client for Windows.

Windows | Freeware

WinSSHTerm 2.34.0

Customizable terminal emulator with support for multiple protocols and automation tools.

Windows | Freeware