Eliminate unnecessary files and bring back the agility of your system.

  • Version: 2.069
  • Size: 10.92 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Windows
  • File Type: EXE
  • Developer: Kurt Zimmermann
  • Category: System/Optimizers
  • Update: 2024-04-08

Is your computer slow lately? Well, this can be caused by the accumulation of unnecessary files that not only take up space but also slow down the system. HDCleaner is a utility capable of eliminating these files and bringing back your computer's agility.

In addition, HDCleaner comes with a series of extra tools to make your PC even more agile. It allows disabling unnecessary software that starts with Windows.

The software also protects your privacy as it cleans your browser completely in no time. There are many supported browsers: Firefox, Microsoft Edge Chromium Browser, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, Waterfox, Pale Moon, Basilisk, IceDragon, Opera, Opera Neon, SRWare Iron, BliskBrowser, CentBrowser, EpicBrowser, Google Chrome , AmigoBrowser, Iridium, 360Browser, ChromiumBrowser, Vivaldi, 7StarBrowser, CoolNovoBrowser, CocCocBrowser, CooWonBrowser, SlimJetBrowser, YandexBrowser, Brave-Browser, FalkonBrowser, Dragon, Safari, Blisk, Torch, SleipnirBrowser. In addition to several others based on Chromium.

Old versions



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  • Free up RAM memory with this application to make your system faster.
  • Process Lasso
  • Software that allows you to optimize processes in Windows.

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