Tool specialized in data conversion and migration with support for several databases.

  • Version: 6.9.4
  • Size: 109 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Platform: Windows
  • File Type: RAR
  • Developer: EMSI Tecnologia
  • Category: Utilities/Others
  • Update: 2014-12-12

A specialized tool for data conversion and migration, it offers a comfortable and easy way to convert your information from one database to another.

Some Features:

  • Advanced SQL command line support;
  • ODBC connection support;
  • Possibility to schedule conversion processes;
  • Easily handle large amounts of data;
  • All Conversion processes are all spawned independent processes (Threads);
  • Export execution scripts to a text file;
  • Export queried data to HTML/XLS/XML and TXT;
  • Create Triggers to run before and after migration/conversion;
  • Create Conditions to remove data from the target table before Migrating/Converting the data;
  • Easily create and convert your tables from one database to another;
  • Create input variables for data migration and conversion processes;
  • Migrate Bulk Data with Bulk Insert to Firebird;
  • Migrate Bulk Data with Bulk Insert to SQLServer;
  • Migrate Bulk Data with Bulk Insert to Postgres;
  • Migrate Data using the Firebird Update or Insert feature;
  • Migrate Data using the Update or Replace SQLite feature;
  • Migrate Data using the Update or Insert PostgreSQL feature;
  • Migrate Data using the Update or Insert MySQL feature;
  • Migrate Data using the Update or Insert feature;
  • Update the data using the Update feature.


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