Software capable of eliminating a series of pests from your Windows.

  • Version: 14.90
  • Size: 43.57 MB
  • License: Shareware
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Windows
  • Developer: Greatis Software
  • Category: Utilities/Antivirus
  • Update: 2023-04-26

UnHackMe is computer security software that focuses on finding and removing hidden malware, rootkits and other types of cyber threats that can evade conventional antivirus software.

UnHackMe takes a unique approach to detecting and removing malware by comparing system behavior against a database of known malware and rootkit signatures. It also uses advanced behavior analysis to detect and remove unknown threats that other security programs may not be able to detect.

The software includes several security tools, including an antivirus scanner, a process manager, a rootkit checker and an adware remover. It also includes real-time protection features that can monitor the system for threats in real-time.

UnHackMe is easy to use and offers customization options for advanced users. It is also regularly updated to ensure protection against the latest threats. However, as the software is focused on finding hidden and advanced threats, it might not be the best choice for casual users looking for a basic security solution.


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