Survivalcraft 2

Game of survival and construction with realistic graphics and challenging exploration.

  • Version:
  • Size: 24.43 MB
  • License: Trial
  • Language: English
  • Package Name: com.candyrufusgames.survivalcraft2trial
  • Platform: Android
  • File Type: APK
  • Developer: Candy Rufus Games
  • Category: Jogos/Jogos de Ação e Aventura
  • Update: 2023-11-17

Survivalcraft 2 is a survival game that offers a unique experience to players, combining elements of construction, exploration, and survival in a vast and challenging environment. Here are some relevant aspects of the game:

Open World and Exploration

In Survivalcraft 2, players are thrust into an expansive open world, filled with diverse biomes, from lush forests to arid deserts and mysterious caves. Exploration is crucial for survival, as essential resources are scattered throughout the environment, encouraging players to venture beyond their starting points.

Construction and Creativity

A standout feature of the game is the ability to build and create. Players can construct shelters, fortresses, and complex structures using a variety of blocks and materials. Creativity plays a crucial role, allowing players to customize their environment and adapt to threats in the game world.

Survival against Threats

The game presents significant challenges to survival, from hostile wildlife to adverse weather conditions. Players need to hunt, cultivate food, and protect themselves against predators to ensure their survival. Additionally, the day-night cycle and weather variations add an extra layer of realism and strategy to the gameplay.

Crafting and Resources

Resource collection is a crucial part of Survivalcraft 2. Players can explore the environment to find materials such as wood, stone, minerals, and more. These resources are then used to craft tools, weapons, equipment, and vital structures to face the challenges that the world presents.

Multiplayer Mode

Survivalcraft 2 also offers the option to play in multiplayer mode, allowing players to collaborate or compete with each other. Interaction with other players adds a social dimension to the game, enabling resource exchange, joint construction projects, and unique challenges that arise from interaction between participants.


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