App store specialized in mods for various types of games.

  • Version: 1.3.6
  • Size: 16.25 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Android
  • File Type: APK
  • Developer: SosoMod
  • Category: Jogos/Utilitários para Jogos
  • Update: 2023-08-09

SosoMod is an app that enhances the gaming experience, offering unique customizations. The app allows players to modify games according to their preferences, unlocking premium features, adjusting settings, and accessing a variety of mods created by the community.

It's a specialized app store for game mods of various types. Advantages range from infinite money, god mode, to complete removal of in-game ads.

However, the use of SosoMod raises legal concerns, as game modification can infringe copyright and lead to account bans. Additionally, there is a security risk, such as downloading malware from untrusted sources.

Legality varies depending on the game's terms of service and local laws. Those who choose to use SosoMod should carefully assess the risks and consider legal and safe alternatives to enhance their gaming experience.


  • Gringo XP
  • App that adds various advantages to the game Garena Free Fire.
  • USB Util
  • Utility that allows you to transfer games from Playstation 2 to USB devices to be played on the console.
  • Hakchi2 CE
  • Tool that allows you to add more games to Nintendo, Super Nintendo or Nintendo Classic Mini.
  • GameSave Manager
  • Create backups of your game saves to transfer them to other computers.

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