Compile Linux applications to run on Windows.

  • Version: 3.5.3
  • Size: 1.34 MB
  • License: Freeware
  • Language: English
  • Platform: Windows
  • File Type: EXE
  • Developer: Red Hat, Inc.
  • Category: System/System Tools
  • Update: 2024-04-04

Cygwin is a a large collection of GNU and Open Source tools which provide functionality similar to a Linux distribution on Windows, a DLL (cygwin1.dll) which provides substantial POSIX API functionality.

Cygwina is a way to run native Linux apps on Windows. You must rebuild your application from source if you want it to run on Windows.

It is a way to magically make native Windows apps aware of UNIX® functionality like signals, ptys, etc. Again, you need to build your apps from source if you want to take advantage of Cygwin functionality.

Old versions


  • Windows Update Blocker
  • Application that allows you to disable or enable updates in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and 11.
  • WinMute
  • Utility that allows you to automatically mutate your PC.

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